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In Our Classroom

In each of our classrooms we have a designated area for Investors in Pupils.


We actively involve pupils in decision making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, school management, classroom management and induction. Some evidence of this can be seen in each classroom throughout the school.


At the beginning of the academic year each class works together to decide upon what they feel should go up on display in their area and why. This area is regularly revisited each term, allowing children to reflect upon their learning journey thus far and to develop the area further.


Here are some of their ideas:


* A class target

* A class charter

* Individual targets that they can achieve for a range of different awards

* A display of their chosen Roles and Responsibilities

* A class book on display to help welcome anyone new into our classroom

* A specific area for any awards the children have won

* Pictures of the children achieving any targets or working extremely hard towards them


Here are a few photographs:


Creating roles within our classrooms

Creating roles within our classrooms 1
Creating roles within our classrooms 2
Picture 1