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St. John's allotment

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Our aim

To provide the children, families and those responsible for their care living in and around the area, a better start in life.



•To provide a teaching and learning space for children and young people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

•To bring an understanding about where the produce comes from.

•To engage in practical physical exercise.

•To promote a positive community atmosphere where all can work together.

•To eat locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, changing attitudes about food and maybe trying something new to eat.

•To enjoy being in the outside environment showing awareness and respect for wildlife that inhabits the environment.



We want to see all those that are involved in the project making healthy lifestyle choices - a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and promoting community cohesion. All of this as they gain the knowledge needed to produce their crops and show respect for the outside environment.



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The school rent the allotment as part of our Food For Life partnership.  We are proud of the amazing space we have and the planting that is already in place.  The allotment is constantly under development, currently we have storage space for all the equipment needed, a greenhouse, compost bins and water storage areas, a bug hotel, fruit trees and raised bed planting.  It is intended to develop a pond area in the future and all food grown on the allotment will be used by the kitchen staff for our delicious school meals.  Our next aim is to raise enough money for a poly tunnel.

Mrs Middleton runs the Gardening club and looks after our allotment.

Mrs Middleton runs the Gardening club and looks after our allotment. 1